Welcome To Your Escape Room Destination!

What is EscapePoint?

Located just south of Nashville in historic Murfreesboro, EscapePoint is a fully immersive escape room experience. Your team will be in an original room designed to tell an unforgettable story. Work together to discover secrets, solve puzzles, and unravel mysteries as you use your wits to escape! As soon as you join us at 855 West College Street, you’ll be the star of your own adventure.


Who are escape rooms designed for?

Escape rooms are designed for everyone! Escape rooms work well for groups of friends, families, gamers/thrillseekers, or even employees and coworkers! Whether it’s for fun, family bonding, or team building, escape rooms have proven to be an enjoyable experience for all ages.

Escape Rooms help develop

  • Team Building
  • Critical Thinking
  • Situational Awareness

What should we expect when we show up?

Escape rooms are unique challenges designed to test your awareness, intelligence, and teamwork. Each room uses a unique theme to tell a story and set up the game. You won’t need any feats of physical strength in the rooms. If the lock doesn’t open easily then you haven’t solved the puzzle. We recommend arriving at least fifteen minutes in advance of your booking so we can go over policies and be sure you’re ready for your adventure.

Rules, guidelines and tips

  • No outside knowledge needed
  • If its nailed down, breaking it wont help
  • Wits and Intelligence needed, not strength
  • No photography in the rooms
  • Clues are given when you ask for them
  • Try to avoid spoilers for the next group!
  • Have Fun!

Our Rooms, Your Adventure

Check out one room or try them all. Each theme is unique to EscapePoint with puzzles and decor specially designed for each room.

We have more rooms coming soon!

We are constantly building and improving on current and new rooms. With over 4000 square feet to work with, EscapePoint plans on bringing eight new and exciting rooms to the Murfreesboro area!

Escape the ordinary with event hosting at EscapePoint!

Need a break from the ordinary? Want to celebrate in style? Well we have the perfect place. EscapePoint is happy to accommodate groups up to 40 for special events. Larger events can be managed as we continue to build out more rooms and have more options available.

Corporate Events

Want to be the hero of your office? Bring your team to EscapePoint!

In today’s fast paced environment we are moving past the days of overpriced and boring seminars to promote team building. Here at EscapePoint, we offer a fast paced, interactive environment which puts team building and critical thinking front and center. 

EscapePoint offers several options for corporate events, including private reservations and scheduling around YOUR time. Contact us today to find out what we can offer you.

Your team will thank you

  • Great for teambuilding
  • A break from boring conferences
  • Cost effective
  • Private reservations and scheduling

Birthday Parties

Ready to try something different this year when the day falls on your time to celebrate? Come to EscapePoint

We offer unique, fun, and memorable experiences that are perfect to celebrate another year of dealing with the real world. Whether you want to travel through time, fight a corrupt government, save the world, or follow any of our other scenarios here at EscapePoint, we’ll do our best to ensure that your birthday is one to remember.

  • Interactive events
  • Private reservations and scheduling
  • Exclusive lounge area

Special Occasions

Got something special planned but need a little extra? Let us help!

Escape rooms offer a memorable experience for any occasion and EscapePoint is determined to make any event a great special occasion. So whether you’re a roaming bachelor/bachelorette party, celebrating a graduation, or even planning to pop the question (Gasp!), we’re more than happy to help here at EscapePoint!

  • Private area for receptions
  • Easy customization of rooms
  • Private access outside normal hours