You join a clinical trial to test the side effects of virotherapy, a treatment using modified viruses to attack cancer cells. As part of the control group, you’re told there isn’t any significant risk. But when a lab tech puts the wrong vial in with your batch of medicine…

The error is caught a little too late and the building is put into emergency lockdown. With the doors sealed shut, doctors can offer very little help until the CDC arrives. But that may not be soon enough.

Time for some serious trial and error.

Frequently Asked Questions

For you, the story starts with a clinical study testing the side effects of virotherapy, a radical new treatment for fighting cancer. But when you’re accidentally treated with the wrong vial, a lockdown is initiated to prevent an unnecessary outbreak. Help is on the way, but with an incubation period of only one hour, it may not arrive in time.
Your job is to make the most of the time you have left to find out what went wrong, and if you’re lucky, find a way to stay alive until help arrives.

During your time in Incubation,
you may be exposed to various test samples. Should you choose to take* any, you may be exposed to certain side effects which may make the room more challenging. However, using your wits and clues within the room, you may find some to be very useful.

Side effects are an optional addition to Incubation. They are recommended for groups of 4 or more, while smaller groups may have a harder time with less people to “share” the afflictions.

* = taking consists of opening,
and not any form of ingestion.

Incubation currently has a natural survival rate of around 23%.

Using your provided three clues appropriately has seen an increase in probability of surviving.

Incubation is designed as low-tech mix of linear and non-linear puzzles. This means you’ll rely heavily on analytics and problem solving for most of the puzzles, but will also need to be able to work individually as well as a team in order to advance.

Since this clinic is designed for a small sample size, your control group will be no larger than 8 people.

For more accurate results, we need a group of at least 2 to begin virotherapy.

The control group who survives with the most time left is a topic of hot discussion in the medical community.

Our current Medical Marvel is Team B.R.A.A.P. with 2:17 remaining.