The White Room

The year is 2217. All forms of expression and extracurricular activity are outlawed, as they are viewed as distractions to a productive lifestyle. Anyone who violates this law is subject to cleansing.

Cleansing is a process in which the faulty personality is placed in an isolation room for a duration no less than one hour in order to weaken the subject’s mind. Then a more effecient personality is implanted into the subject, allowing them to return to benefit society.

This would never happen to you… Or has it?

Frequently Asked Questions

You were just apprehended for violating the High Commandments. The punishment: immediate cleansing.

Placed inside a high tech isolation room, you have one hour to find your way out before you lose yourself entirely.

The longer you spend in The White Room, the more you’ll be leaving behind.

During your time in The White Room, the sensory deprivation may cause you to second guess things.

Who you are, what you know, what you believe…

The longer you spend in isolation,
the less you can trust your own thoughts.

After one hour in The White Room, you will no longer remember who you were. You will be “cleansed.”

A new personality will be assigned to you shortly.

The White Room currently has a natural survival rate of around 45%.

It is ideal for new and intermediate players.

The White Room is designed as simplified linear room, heavy on aesthetic features. This type of room is ideal for new and experienced players alike.

Since the crime rate of 2217 is so low, it is unlikely you would be put into holding with more than 5 others.

For effecient use of resources, we recommend Cleansing at least two subjects at a time..

Any group who manages to escape isolation will be marked as “Wanted” and tracked by The Pointe Initiative’s enforcement office.

Escapees who manage to get away with the most of their memories are viewed as a priority threat to the Initiative and marked as “Most Wanted.”